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If you or a loved one has become ill after exposure to toxins in your home,  at work, or from a consumer product, you may have a toxic tort claim.

We can investigate your case, gather evidence, and fight to get you the maximum compensation allowed under the law. Our goal is not only to recover damages for your injuries and losses but also to hold the corporations and entities responsible for your exposure accountable.

What Is a Toxic Tort Claim?

Toxic torts refer to legal cases in which the plaintiff claims that exposure to a dangerous substance or chemical caused them injury or illness.This differs from environmental lawsuits, in that toxic torts deal only with individuals harmed and not property damage or environmental contamination.

Common toxic tort cases involve:

Exposure to Consumer Products

Many chemicals used in everyday consumer products have been linked to severe health effects, qualifying them as toxic torts when exposure leads to illness or injury. These include lead, cadmium, phthalates, and other toxins; carcinogenic ingredients like formaldehyde in cosmetics and personal care items; volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in cleaning solutions and household products; toxic metals like mercury in foods and medicines; and dangerous chemicals in e-cigarette liquids.

Exposure at Work

Toxic substances are commonly found in industrial and occupational settings, putting workers at risk of exposure. Chemicals such as benzene, chromium, and trichloroethylene are common toxins in industrial workplaces that can cause severe health consequences with repeated or prolonged exposure.

Asbestos insulation present in older buildings also threatens construction and maintenance workers. Silica dust produced at mining, drilling, and excavating jobs can cause the lung disease silicosis when inhaled.

Toxic Torts

Have You Been Exposed to PFAS?

In recent years, a class of human-made chemicals known as per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) has been the subject of growing toxic tort litigation as more connections have been proven between PFAS exposure and severe health risks. Two PFAS compounds in particular – PFOA and PFOS – have contaminated many water supplies and consumer goods, posing a significant public health threat.


Class B firefighting foams frequently contained PFOA and PFOS as primary ingredients until the early 2000s. Firefighters who trained with these foams or responded to emergency incidents suffered heavy PFAS exposure, sometimes leading to serious illnesses including cancer.

Water Contamination

PFAS enters groundwater supplies both from industrial sites where they were produced or used as well as from the use of firefighting foams at military bases and airports. These chemicals leach into aquifers and contaminate drinking water wells, accumulating in the bodies of those who consume the water over many years.

Consumer Products

PFAS compounds can also be found in various consumer goods, from non-stick cookware and stain-repellent fabrics to cosmetics and cleaning products. With research and testing, we can identify products containing these dangerous chemicals and build cases against irresponsible manufacturers.

You May Be Eligible for Compensation


How We Can Help

If you have been injured or made ill due to exposure to a dangerous chemical or toxin, the Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello team is here to help. Our experienced attorneys can review your case to determine if you have a valid toxic tort claim.

How Our Process Works

Step 1: Contact Us

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our toxic tort attorneys.

Step 2: We Gather Evidence

Our team will begin by gathering evidence for your claim. We’ll compile everything we need to build a robust case.

Step 3: Negotiation Stage

We’ll prepare all of the paperwork and start negotiations. If we cannot reach a settlement, we will take your case to trial.

Step 4: Protecting Your Rights

At every step of the claim journey, our attorneys will fight to get you the best outcome.

Legal Fees for a Toxic Tort Claim

The cost of toxic tort cases varies according to their complexity. We offer a “no-win, no-fee” contingency arrangement, so there are no upfront fees to pay.

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