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Contracts are binding documents between two parties that specify the rights and obligations of both sides. Failing to understand the conditions and terms of a contract might result in financial liability if it gets breached. 

Partnering with an experienced attorney can help you navigate the complicated situation of contract disputes and breaches.

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Comprehensive Legal Services for Various Types of Contracts

The attorneys at Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello draw on over 50 years of experience when working with our clients. We may be able to aid you with litigating or negotiating on your behalf. Our goal is for you to get a prompt and fair resolution. 

Contract Breaches

You may have the right to take legal action if the other party fails to uphold their end of the contract. Common types of contract disputes include service agreement disputes, purchase agreement disputes, and construction contract disputes. 

An experienced contract dispute attorney will be able to review your case and determine if your contract has been breached. If the contract has been breached, they may collect evidence and documents on your behalf to prove the breach. 

Minor Breach

A minor breach of contract is when the other party delivers on some of their contractual obligations; however, they default on the majority of them. 

Material Breach

When one party fails to perform their obligations promptly or totally, it is considered a material breach. The affected parties receive deliverables that are significantly lower or different than what they expected. 

Anticipatory Breach 

An anticipatory breach is when the other party indicates that they won’t fulfill their obligations. You can potentially hold the other party responsible even if they haven’t yet breached the contract.

Actual Breach

An actual breach is a breach of contract that has occurred. The opposing party is refusing to fulfill their contractual obligations or incompletely performing them.


If you’re a lender or a creditor, you may have signed a contract with a borrower who didn’t uphold their obligations. Our lawyers may be able to work with you to draft a collection letter asking for payment. If the other party doesn’t respond, our attorneys could enforce the contract by moving forward with a lawsuit. 

Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello Help You Build Your Case

You’ll need to prove that your contract has been breached to win. There are a few elements you need during this process. 

One thing you’ll need to show is that you have an enforceable and valid contract. You’ll need to illustrate that you’re the right party to sue for the contract breach. The major thing that will need to be proved is that the other party didn’t do their obligations and that their failure caused you damage. Our attorneys can help to build your case.

Knowledge of Louisiana Contract Laws

The statute of limitations differs from state to state. There are certain time limits for filing a civil action or lawsuit. Louisiana has a 10-year statute of limitations for contract disputes and judgments. 

The laws surrounding contract disputes in Louisiana can be complicated and confusing. An experienced attorney who’s well-versed in these rules and procedures can break down what applies to your case. 

How Our Process Works

Step One: Schedule a Free Consultation 

Contact our law office to book a free consultation with a Louisiana attorney. During this consultation, we’ll learn everything we need to know about your case. Our attorneys will create a plan to move forward. 

Step Two: We Investigate

Our attorneys will gather evidence, including documents and witness testimony. We’ll use this information to create an argument on your behalf. 

Step Three: Identify the Best Outcome

Our attorneys put your priorities and needs at the forefront when fighting on your behalf. Make informed decisions with the assistance of our legal team.

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The legal team at Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello is here to guide you through the contract dispute process. We may be able to assist you with finding terms that are agreeable between you and the opposing party. 

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