Contract Disputes

Get Professional Help With Contract Disputes in Louisiana

Insurance companies are known for sometimes trying to get out of paying what you are rightfully owed. Get professional help with contract disputes in Louisiana.

We Deal With Contract Disputes So You Don’t Have To

Insurance companies offer you protection and coverage for a wide variety of situations. For this coverage, you must make monthly payments, known as premiums. However, whenever an occurrence takes place that you are covered for, these entities often try many different tactics to pay as little as possible and sometimes nothing at all. That’s where our contract dispute attorneys will step in and deal with the insurance adjusters on your behalf — fighting for the compensation you deserve. 

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How the Insurance Claims Process Works

 No two claims are the same, as they are based on different circumstances and specific facts surrounding each incident. Our standard process follows this basic formula, but is tailored to meet the specific details of your unique situation:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Before we can get started, we’ll have an initial, free consultation. This allows us to meet with you to discuss your case and address any concerns you may have. The following topics will be discussed during your initial consultation: 

  • What took place?
  • Who was involved?
  • Who or what is responsible for causing the incident?
  • What injuries or damage resulted from the incident?

Once all the information has been gathered, we can discuss how best to proceed with any claim you may have based on your needs for a contract dispute resolution.

Step 2: Investigation

We initiate a thorough investigation checking the circumstances and facts of contract dispute cases that may include the following: 

  • Visiting the scene where the incident occurred to take pictures
  • Obtaining and reviewing any reports regarding the incident 
  • Identifying all parties at fault and contacting their insurance carriers to set up claims

Step 3: Continuing Treatment

While our Louisiana attorneys continue to conduct our investigation, you will be freed up to focus on recovery. It helps to keep a journal to log dates, out-of-pocket expenses, and in seeking any compensation to which you may be entitled.

Step 4: Negotiations and Settlement

We will complete and submit a demand package to the insurance carrier, who will typically respond with a settlement offer. We will discuss your options with you so you can decide whether to accept the offer, make a counter-offer, or file a lawsuit. We will back your decision and stand by your side every step of the way until you finally reach a resolution of your claim. 


Over a Billion Dollars Recovered Over The Years


The following are just some of the compensation we have recovered for our clients over the years: 

  • Over 150 million dollars were awarded by the jury for severely burned victims
  • Over 50 million dollars were awarded by a jury in environmental cases
  • A total of well over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements

We have also appeared before The Supreme Court of Louisiana on over 100 occasions. Our experience in all types of legal disputes and cases means that we have the ability to help you recover the compensation owed to you as well.

Let Us Help with Your Insurance Claims in Louisiana

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