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Falling Objects: Get Legal Protection in Louisiana

We’re here to help safeguard your rights from falling objects with Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello.

Falling Object Cases Are Not Uncommon

Every year, numerous individuals suffer injuries due to falling objects. This is particularly common in certain workplaces and industrial settings. At Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello, we understand the toll these accidents can take. Our attorneys can help victims of falling object incidents navigate personal injury law and fight for the compensation they deserve.

We work tirelessly to investigate each case thoroughly. We gather evidence and build a strong argument to advocate for our clients’ rights. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a falling object, Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello is here to help.

View of a gas refinery plant illuminated at dusk.
A man trying to stop boxes from falling

The Benefits of Working With a Personal Injury Attorney

Working with the skilled attorneys at Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello provides you with access to a team well-versed in the law involved in falling object cases. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape surrounding these incidents. We ensure your case is handled with precision and experience.

At our law firm, we believe in personalized attention. Every client’s situation is unique, and we understand your needs and tailor our legal strategy accordingly.

We are also known for our aggressive representation. Our team is dedicated to fighting for fair compensation on your behalf, whether it’s through negotiation or in the courtroom. With Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello, you can trust that your rights are being defended.

What Are Falling Objects?

Falling object incidents are a type of workplace accident that can occur in various settings. They’re experienced in construction sites, industrial environments, retail stores, and warehouses. These incidents typically involve objects falling from a dangerous height. This can be due to many factors such as improperly secured tools, faulty equipment, or inadequate safety measures.

At Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello, our attorneys understand the complexities involved in falling object cases. We are well-versed in the laws and regulations that govern workplace safety. That’s why we’re equipped to handle cases involving various scenarios, including:

Construction Site Accidents

Where tools, materials, or debris may fall from scaffolding, cranes, or other heights, posing a risk to workers and pedestrians below.

Industrial Accidents

In factories or warehouses, where machinery or stored goods can become dislodged and fall.

Retail Store Accidents

Where improperly stacked merchandise or falling signs can injure customers or employees.

Warehouse Accidents

Where pallets or goods stored at height can fall and cause injury to workers.

Two workers sitting on the ground assisting one of the workers who has been inured. A third worker stands off to the side and is overseeing the injury

How Our Legal Services Work

The process of pursuing a falling object lawsuit with Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello involves the following steps:

 Step 1: Schedule a Free Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss your case with one of our attorneys.

Step 2: Case Evaluation

We will thoroughly review the details of your incident to determine the best course of action.

Step 3: Investigation

Our team will gather evidence, such as witness statements and accident reports, to build a strong case.

Step 4: Negotiation

We will negotiate with the responsible parties and their insurance companies to seek a fair settlement.


Our Guarantee to You

At Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and representation. While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, we can assure you that we will tirelessly advocate for your rights and interests every step of the way. We guarantee to provide you with all the information you need to navigate the complexities of falling object law.

Let’s Work Together to Get You Justice

If a falling object incident has impacted you or a loved one, it can be crucial to act swiftly. Reach out to Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to listen to your story, assess your case, and provide you with the legal guidance you need. We are committed to fighting for the justice and compensation you deserve. Let us be your advocates during this challenging time. Contact us now to take the first step toward safeguarding your rights and securing your future.

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