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The Devastating Impact of Chemical Leaks and How We Can Help

With five decades of experience serving clients in Louisiana, the team at Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello offers strong legal expertise.

Has a Chemical Leak Affected You?

When negligence by companies handling hazardous materials leads to toxic chemical leaks and spills, the consequences for Louisiana workers and community members can be tragic. At Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello, our personal injury team has seen first-hand the life-altering harm caused by chemical accidents. We have the experience and care required to handle chemical leak cases in efforts to provide justice for those affected.

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Exposure to Chemical Leaks Can Be Life-Changing

Exposure to industrial toxins, hazardous materials, pesticides, and other dangerous substances can inflict severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment and carry long-term effects. Too often, these preventable disasters occur because companies cut corners on safety protocols.

Whether it stems from an industrial plant incident, a transportation spill, or the release of dangerous chemicals at a warehouse or storage facility, the damage from toxin exposure may include:

Respiratory Issues and Lung Damage

Caustic chemicals can cause acute respiratory distress, pneumonitis, pulmonary edema, and permanent lung scarring. Breathing difficulties and impaired lung function can be debilitating.

Burn Injuries

Chemical and thermal burns from leaks and explosions can be excruciating, leading to disfigurement and life-threatening complications. Rehabilitation from severe burns may be lengthy and costly.

Neurological and Cognitive Damage

Many industrial solvents and other toxins are neurotoxic, potentially causing impaired brain function, memory issues, balance problems, and nerve damage.

Internal Organ Damage

The liver, kidneys, reproductive system, and other vital organs can sustain permanent harm from chemical exposures.

Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

Hazardous chemical exposure has been indicated in the development of certain cancers, lupus, infertility, congenital disabilities, and other catastrophic medical conditions.

Environmental Contamination

Chemical spills and leaks that seep into the soil, air, and waterways can create toxic living conditions that endanger entire communities. 

Chemical Leak Claims

At Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello, our accomplished litigation team understands the complexities involved in these toxic exposure and chemical leak cases. Proving liability often requires extensive scientific evidence and expert analysis. There are also strict deadlines for filing claims in Louisiana that must be followed.


Our experienced attorneys can work with trusted medical experts and environmental scientists to examine every aspect of the chemical leak incident, assess your injuries and prognosis, and pursue fair compensation. This can include economic damages like medical bills, lost wages, decreased future earnings, and non-economic damages for pain and suffering.

Resolute Litigators

These complex toxic substance and chemical claims require an experienced legal voice advocating for justice and compensation on the client’s behalf. Our professional attorneys in Louisiana have a reputation as tenacious litigators. We will fight to get you just compensation in the shortest possible time frame.

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How the Claims Process Works

Engaging in our legal services is fast and easy:

Step 1: Contact

Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We will go through the case details and let you know if we can help. If we believe you have a valid claim, we will ask you to sign our no-win, no-fee contingency agreement.

Step 2: Evidence

Once we have agreed to take the case, we may immediately begin assembling the evidence and investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. Our attorneys will handle all documentation and filings associated with your case. 

Step 3: Negotiation

Once we have built a robust case, we’ll enter negotiations to reach a fair settlement as soon as feasible. If we cannot get a satisfactory deal at this stage, we are fully prepared to take your case to court.

Why Choose Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello?

With more than five decades of experience as effective and respected litigators in Louisiana, the team at Talbot, Carmouche & Marcello will work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for you.

No Upfront Legal Fees

We believe everyone has the right to sound legal advice, so we work on a contingency fee basis. We only collect a fee if and when we successfully secure your compensation.

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Exposure to toxic chemical leaks can be life-changing. If dangerous chemicals have injured you or someone you care about, please reach out to us today for a free consultation. 

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