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If you or someone you love has been catastrophically injured in an accident, you need an experienced advocate to stand up for your rights. As our client, our skilled attorneys in Baton Rouge will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

We know that experiencing a catastrophic injury can upend everything in an instant. One moment, you or your loved one are going about a normal day. The next moment, you are facing a severe, life-altering injury that forever changes your future.

Catastrophic injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord trauma, disfiguring burns, limb amputations, permanent vision or hearing loss, and debilitating organ damage. The emotional and physical pain is unimaginable. Simple joys and freedoms are cruelly stolen away.

Cases may vary, but our commitment never wavers. We know this is your life. As your counsel, we will stand by your side as relentless advocates, pursuing maximum compensation and a brighter future.

Types of Serious and Catastrophic Injury

The types of serious and catastrophic injury cases we handle include:

Workplace Injuries

Employers have a legal duty to maintain a safe working environment. Yet thousands of people are seriously injured on the job every year due to unsafe conditions, defective equipment, employer negligence, and other preventable hazards. Our Baton Rouge attorneys can fight to hold negligent employers accountable.

Dangerous Products and Defects

When manufacturers, distributors, and sellers place dangerous or defective products into the stream of commerce, unsuspecting consumers can suffer catastrophic harm. Unfortunately, injury claims involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, medical devices, prescription drugs, consumer goods, and other potentially hazardous products are all too common.

Premises Liability

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their premises properly and protect visitors from known hazards. But often, their negligence leads to slip and fall accidents, swimming pool injuries, and other incidents. We fight for injury victims against negligent property owners.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other healthcare providers must meet reasonable professional standards of medical care. When substandard treatment leads to birth injuries, surgical errors, misdiagnoses, and other medical harms, we can hold them accountable.

Vehicle Accidents

Driver error, drunk driving, distracted driving, and other negligent behaviors cause thousands of serious vehicle injuries each year. Our attorneys have experience representing victims suffering catastrophic harms arising from car accidents, truck crashes, and motorcycle wrecks among others.

Toxic Exposure

Exposure to dangerous chemicals, defective drugs, asbestos, and other toxins can result in catastrophic illnesses, cancers, and other severe harms. Our firm represents mesothelioma victims, water contamination, and other toxic injury cases.

Highly Skilled Litigators

We may exhaust every effort through negotiation first, but are always ready to take the next step if it’s in your best interest. Our firm is dedicated to fighting for the maximum recovery, and we are there for you each step of the way.

How We Secure the Compensation You Deserve

If you hire our firm after suffering a catastrophic injury in Baton Rouge, here is the process we will follow:

Step One: We Meet With You for a Consultation

We need to understand how your accident happened, your resulting injuries and losses, and the impact on your life. We’ll provide compassionate support and start strategizing your case right away.

Step Two: We Investigate Your Accident

We may dig into police reports, speak to witnesses, photograph scenes, subpoena medical records, and compile rock-solid evidence. A meticulous investigation lays the groundwork for victory.

Step Three: We Negotiate

Armed with the evidence, we negotiate with insurers. We fight for them to pay for all your damages, from medical bills and lost income to pain and suffering. We are fully prepared to litigate if talks stall. More often than not, this motivates the companies concerned to make a fair offer.

Step Four: We Aim to Achieve the Best Result

If negotiations fail, we may file a lawsuit and take your case to trial. There, we highlight the insurer’s negligence to a judge and jury. We know how to simplify complex information and powerfully convey the full extent of your struggles.

Our No-Win, No-Fee Pledge

Our serious injury attorneys can provide first-class legal representation in Baton Rouge on a contingency basis. You can count on our tireless dedication every step of the way.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

We encourage you to contact our office immediately following an accident. Evidence can fade quickly, and witness memories can cloud. Early intervention gives us more time to build leverage and secure adequate compensation.

With us advising you on catastrophic and serious injury laws in Baton Rouge, you gain instant access to decades of legal experience and a proven record of success. Call now to speak to a serious injury attorney.

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